These are documented as genuine convertibles now (more are coming)



Owner: Torbjörn F




Owner: Unknown

Previous Owner:T.White




Owner: K.G Bouvin



Owner: Unknown

Owner: Vernon Smith


                            1958  DESOTO  ADVENTURER   

   How many of these are left out there? They only made 82 convertibles and 350 coupes.


On this page I will try to collect as many as possible, If you own a 58 Adventurer and want to share some information and photos, just drop me a mail


I will start with my own Adventurer, which I bought in 1987. It came from Oregon and was a running, rust free and complete car.

The history of the car is as follows. 
Martha Carskadon from Portland Oregon was the original owner from new until her death. (vehicle registration)
When she died the car went to her grandson who was a car dealer and he had it for sale on his car lot.
It was purchased by a father/son team who were planning a complete restoration. About 2 years later Merle Wolfer 
from Portand find the car (vehicle certificate) a few years later Merle sold it to Don Petty Phoenix AZ together with a 1957
Adventurer  (Photo When Don pick them up) in April 1987.Just a few month later it was on the way to Sweden.


I made a complete restoration on it finished in 1990, and it still look the same (pictures taken summer 2012)

Sometimes I got the question "Is it fore sale" well everything is for sale even your mom if you got the right price.


There are a couple of clone Adventurer's conv. out there (I know about 4 three in Sweden and one in Norway)  ,so for all of you that have the real thing, go here and get a photocopy of the build card


I know about 5 Conv.  And I will put photos and information about them here as soon as a got any photos of them.




Owner: Torbjörn Fredriksson  SWEDEN




       Photo taken summer 2012





     This is what it looks like when I bought it in 1987



     And here when it arrives in Sweden August 1987



     Some photos from restoration 1990